Renewable energy

Renewable resources are one of the main topics nowadays. In pursuit of  clean energy we are building more and more wind parks with a significant number of wind turbines, we are setting solar panels all over and use hydropower where it is possible. And these are not the only options to get  energy from  renewable resources. 

However, to have continuous and efficient energy production it is important to inspect, maintain and repair the structures on a regular basis. 

For these reasons it is necessary to have a team of professionals with certain qualification and knowledge in this kind of work or hire contractors for execution of such projects. 

Our technicians, electricians, mechanics, inspectors, rope access technicians, project managers, HSEQ managers etc. have the required certification ( such as GWO, IRATA, OPITO etc.) to work in  renewable energy projects and have working experience in:

– construction
– welding
– pipe-fitting
– scaffolding
– inspection
– painting
– joint connection 
– sheet connection 

Baltic DIA is one of the leading recruiting agencies in the field of renewable energy in Baltic states. In our database we have skilled and experienced professionals for both – onshore and offshore projects.