Inspection is one of the most important processes in any industrial field. Missed or postponed inspections can lead to significant damages, financial losses, may be the reason of any kind of disruptions, and can cause dangerous accidents. The thorough inspection of the project, manufacturing, installation, maintenance etc. can prevent such situations by improving safety, quality and efficiency.

Examination of the structures, materials and any components may be performed only by certified and experienced inspectors.

Our specialists have all the required qualifications and have been operating on a wide range of projects, including onshore and offshore constructions, wind turbines, shipbuilding, railway terminals, etc.

– non destructive testing
– endoscopy
– rotor blade inspection
– tower inspection
– commissioning
– warranty inspection
– lift and ladder inspection 
– PPE inspection
– coating inspection

Either you’re looking for the inspector for permanent recruitment or short-term recruitment, we are sure we can help you.

If you are searching for inspectors or want to request an offer for any project execution related to inspection, please contact us.