Industrial climbing

Rope access or so-called industrial climbing is one of the working methods which is used in hard-to-reach areas without the use of scaffolding, work platform or cradles. Rope access technicians can perform a variety of tasks both offshore and onshore. There are different levels and qualification of rope access technicians, from the beginner to the supervisor. Different projects require different skills, that is why it is important to upgrade not only rope access training but also a specific or unique skill, like inspection, welding, electrical installation, etc.  

We work only with qualified technicians, who have undergone training and are certified in accordance to one of the international standards, such as IRATA, SOFT, SPRAT or FISAT.

Our rope access technicians have considerable experience working on various projects in such areas as renewable energy, oil & gas, shipbuilding, bridge installation, metal construction etc. executing works as:

– inspection
– non destructive testing
– cleaning and maintenance
– mounting
– rigging
– repairs
– painting
– rust removal
– electrical installation
– welding
– installation
– pipe fitting

In our database we can find the technician according to your needs, from rope access beginners till rope access supervisors and managers.

If you are searching for a rope access technician or want to request an offer for any project using rope access technology, please contact us.